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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*cabacete: a type of Spanish war hat , 15th century, turned down brim and an almond shaped skull ending in a stalk.
*cabas:   Sally Victor reinvented this version of the Phrygian Bonnet in 1956
*cabriolet bonnet:   19th century bonnet with brim, similar to carriage top
*calash: 18th century, large folding hood supported by hoops that could be raised or lowered. Named after calash carriage.
*caleche: Similar to the calash but with narrower folds.
*calotte:   a close-fitting skull cap. Ancient Greek origin, 17th century, Medieval times, worn over shaved head.
*calpac:   large black felt cap worn by men in Turkey, Cossack
*Cameleurion:   hemispherical crown worn by the Caesars, then by the Byzantine Emperors.
*camuro: .   Ermine trimmed, red velvet cap, larger than skull cap, formerly worn by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
*Campaign hat:   4 large dimples in tall crown, stiff straight brim,boy scout hat.
*Canadian Mounties stetson:   official head-dress of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
*canotier: boater
*cap:   ancient origin.  snug fitting warm head covering often with partial brim.
*cape hat:    Half hat made by attaching fabric or felt to a bicycle clip
*capeline:   small round crown and wide floppy brim
*capote:   close fitting bonnet with rigid brim.  soft crown, bows, 19 century.
*Cappa Floccata:   Round hat made of hairy material, worn by Greek shepherds.
*cappoose   A very tall fur hat
*capuche:    long pointed hood worn by Capuchin monks
*capuchon:   medieval pointed hooded cape, to stiffened down the center...
*capulet:   Juliet cap, worn on back of head  i.e. "Romeo and Juliet"
*cardinal's hat:   13th century, red hat with short, rounded crown and broad flat brim.  Rank shown by number of tassels
*cartwheel: a hat with a wide straight brim and a low crown, worn by peasants in southern France
*casque: French for helmet.
*castor hat:   hat of beaver or rabbit  French
*cassimere hat:   felt hats with a very smooth surface produced by pouncing
*cater cap:   19th century square university cap... mortarboard
*caubeen: Irish slang for shabby old hat
*caudebec:    a cheap felt cap made in Normandy, 18th century
*caul:   historical term for a close-fitting indoor head-dress, or the plain back part of the same.  14th ,15th,16th century
*cavalier hat:   a wide-brimmed, plumed hat, 17th century; the right side of the   brim was pinned up to the crown so that the wearer's sword arm could move freely above the shoulder
*chador: traditional concealing head covering worn by Muslim women in public
*chapeau a la cheulalte:   hat introduced by Queen Charlotte of England
*chapeau a la Devonshire:   hat with feathers, aigrettes
*chapeau a la Turque:    hat styled after Turkish Fashion
*chapeau a L'Egyptienne:   puffed kerchief, lace edges held on with a ribbon with and aigrette and 2 heron feathers
*chapeau claque gibus hat
*chapel cap:   circle or triangle of lace placed on head when entering Catholic church for church services
*chaplet: circle of fresh flowers, later gold , medieval times
*chapeliers de feutue:   felt hats
*chaperon:  middle ages/renaissance, pointed hood short cape.   hood face opening placed over forehead as a headband and the cape was gathered and pleated in the form of a fan.  A liripipe was twisted around the pleated cape to hold it in place.  
*chaperonniers:   elaborate hoods
*chapka: fur cap with flaps that can be turned down or fasten to side of crown
*chapka, Russian:  
*character hat   late 1970's hat worn by NY senator Pat Moynihan
*charlotte corday:   mob hat worn by Charlotte Corday during French reign of terror in 1793.  Tricolor band and rosette was the distinguishing feature
*chechia:   Berber skullcap or tashashit. deep cylindrical flat topped cap of felt with tassel.  was worn by French Zoaves during 1831.  Fez
*chef's hat:   white, starched bonnet worn by chefs. The tall crown should have 100 pleats.
*chimney pot::  
*chignon cap   small cap worn over bun at back of head.
*child's pudding: Hat with bumper brim that acted as a chock absorber when child was learning to walk and falls.
*chira:   Indian turban
*chou:   French for cabbage,  rosette used on or off of hats, soft crushed crown.
*chuke:   trolls stocking cap, knitted hat with tassel
*city flat cap:   beret, small brim, wool, also statue cap
*claft:   Ancient Egyptian striped linen head dress.  the French foreign legion adapted the curtain like headdress for desert warfare.
*cloche:   French word for bell. women's, 1920's, a close-fitting round crown, no brim or small flare at the brim edge identified later with flapper era
*cloud:   a loosely made scarf. fascinator
*coal scuttle bonnet:   18th 19th century, bonnet with flat back and scoop brim,
*coalman hat:    a shore visor cap with a protective flap at the back, protect their backs from dust
*cocked hat:   bicorne or tricorne
*cockel hat:   hat decorated with cockle shells worn by pilgrims who visited the shrine of St. James of Compostell
*cocktail hat:   a small, often frivolous, hat for women, usually worn forward on the head
*coguard:   Swiss  16th century man's hat edged with feather
*coif: head-cover worn by nuns as part of their habit, often with long veils
*coke:   bowler hat
*Conch:   shell-shaped hat made from thin gauze-like material supported on a thin wire frame. Worn mainly by widows in the seventeenth century.
*conch hat:   a wide-brimmed palm straw hat of the Caribbean
*coolie hat:   a conical straw hat, similar  style worn by laborers in the Far East
*coon skin cap: not a particular shape, animal skin head covering, Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket
*coptain:   a hat with a high tapered crown and narrow straight brim, believed to have originated in Spain in the 16th century; later worn by the Puritans  and still known by their name
*cordie: 19th century term for plain wool felt hats
*Cornet Hat:   women's hat that was gathered at the crown and had a narrow brim. Popular at the end of the fifteenth century.
*corno:   12th century worn by Doges of Venice tall conical ducal bonnet
*coronet: small crown worn by members of nobility as a symbol of rank
*cover:   cordies with applied cod-wool and fur nap on the crown, upper and under sides of the brim
*cowboy hat:   high crown and wide brim, originally worn by cow hands, usually of of felt or leather
*cowl:  ecclesiastical hood worn by monks
*crepiniers:    net snood
*crown:   head-dress usually of gold, worn as a symbol of sovereignty by monarchs
*crush hat:   collapsible top hat
*cylindrical caul:  


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