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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*padre: low crown and broad straight brim with slight cure a outer edge.   adapted from hats of priests.  Parson's hat
*pakul:   felted wool cap from Afghanistan, flat top rolled brim
*palla:   Medieval European head drapery evolved from headrail
*panama hat: straw hat made with panama cloche
*pastorella:   Italian, shepherdess, women's hat ,round crown, wide, drooping brim, usually of straw
*pedaline:   straw hat
*petasos: a hat of ancient Greece with wide brim and conical crown
*Phrygian cap:   conical cap with the top bent forward. also known as the cap of liberty.
*picture hat:   a hat with a very wide brim, worn tilted to the side of the head
*pileus:   roman close fitting cap of felt similar to skullcap
*pillbox:   a small brimless cap with a flat tip and cylindrical side
*pith helmet: a helmet of cork or pith (dried spongy tissue from the soda plant) covered with cloth
*planter's hat:   worn by sugar planter of Jamaica. Later worn by golfer Snead
*plug:    top hat
*poke bonnet:   19th century bonnet, very deep brim and small crown
*porkpie: 19th cent. round flat topped crown, small brim turned up all around
*postillian:   17th century Rembrandt style hat of great painters later post riders
*Puritan:   black felt hat, high conical crown, narrow straight brim, worn by the Puritans during the 17th century.Usually trimmed with  buckle at the front
*puggaree:   from Pagri, East Indian turban worn as protection against the sun.


*quake hats: 17th century high quality broad brimmed felt hats, gray or brown
*Quaker bonnet:  18th century worn by Quaker women


*Ramillies cock:   18th century man's hat named after battle, back turned up higher than the front.
*ranelagh mob:   18th century, form of mob cap worn by market women
ratters: straw hats
*rastafarian hat:   called a crown, religious significance can be knitted red,yellow and green which represents the Ethiopian flag.
*reticulated headdress: 14th and 15th century braided coils of hair worn over ear ear, covered with cauls, or nets of gold or silver
*Ricinium:   square veil worn by Roman women on their heads.
*robin hood:   12th century English hero and outlaw Robin Hood portrayed wearing a conical hood with self brim that was turned up at the back and worn down to a point in the front and trimmed with a quill
*rough rider:   Khaki felt soldier hat of Spanish American War of 1898-1899, crown was creased and brim was cocked on one side.  Named after Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's troop of rough riders
*roundlet:   14th 15th century stuffed roll of velvet worn turban fashion over close fitting cap
*Reubens or Rembrandt hat: Large felt hat decorated with feather   made fashionable from portraits of that period.  Dutch costume


*sa shu:   sakya hat, sakya crown, red pandita hat with lappets folded upwards and over the crown of the hat
*sailor:   boater
*Saxon veil:  
*sennit   see boater
*Severian Temple rings  
*shadow:   16th/17th century woman's hood wired and extended above head level, used for protection from sun as a shadow
*shako: a cylindrical, flat-topped cap with small brim; military head-cover
*Sherlock Holmes: deerstalker
*shovel hat:   worn by Roman Catholic Priests in outdoor dress, low round crown and turned up on the brim sides with make the front and back project like a shovel
*skimmer:   boater
*skull-cap:   small, close fitting cap of fabric, knit or crochet;
*slouch hats:   a soft hat with a high crown and drooping flexible brim; also called a Garbo hat,
*smoking cap:   men's pillbox shape,19th century to prevent the hair from smelling of tobacco
*snap brim:   brim turns down in front and up in back, made of felt, straw, tilted
*snood: Scottish term for fillet worn to confine hair; loose net for woman's back hair netting, netting which covered the headgear. In the fifteenth century it was decorated with pearls and jewels and worn directly on the hair.
*sombrero: Mexican hat with high, conical crown and very wide brim, usually of straw or felt
*sou'western:   waterproof hat of oiled canvas, later rubberized, now plastic coated.  worn by sailors as protection against the weather, the brim is broader in back to protect the neck
*spagnola:   Italian term for a crowns indented crease around the top
*statute cap:   a statute, passed in England in 1571 to encourage the wool workers, made wearing this cap compulsory for the common man.
*stocking cap:   knitted cap, usually conical, often finished with a pompon
*stovepipe hat:   a tall 19th century top hat, made popular by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
*stuff hat:   19th century term for felt hats made principally of fur
*sugarloaf: 14th  15th century, tall hat with curved crown that resembled the loaf that sugar was formed into for shipping
*sunbonnet:   large stiff brim and flap at the back for neck protection


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