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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*gable   16th c. Hood with back curtain.
*Gainsborough:   A wide-brimmed, plumed hat with the brim turned up on one     side;   It was named for the 19th century English painter
*Galerus:   a round cap of animal skin worn by hunters and peasants.
*Gandhi cap:   traditional Indian cap, boat shaped worn by Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political leader
*Garibaldi pillbox:   1860's, inspired by the Italian liberator
*gaucho:   wide tilted brim anchored with cord under chin
*gibson girl:   1890's sailor hat style illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson
*Garbo hat:   slouch hat
*garland:   a wreath of flowers (artificial in millinery), worn as a decorative head-dress
*gatsby:   English driving cap
*gibus:   collapsible silk opera hat, patented in 1837 by French inventor, Gibus
*Glenngarry bonnet:   blue woolen cap creased through the crown , appeared in 1805 in Glenngarry, Invernesshire, Scotland, stiff sides, bound edges, short ribbons   hanging in the back
*gob cap:   name of cap given to enlisted men in U.S. Navy after 1940. white cotton, four piece crown, stitched brim. "Canadian for gobbie" means fisherman
*gondolier hat: worn by Venetian boatman, wide brim, shallow crown
*gorget:   14th and 15th century  draped linen or silk draped and pinned to hair
*gossamer hat:   lightweight muslin hats sized with shellac, used as bodies for silk plush hats


*half hat:    hat that covers only part of head
*havelock:   protective material that covers the neck attached to back of cap
*head   1770's, Queen Marie Antoinette style of monstrous hair covering.
*headrail:   10th and 11th century British women's head covering wrapped over the head and around the neck
*heart-shaped headdress:   15th century, cauls
*helmet:   military head-dress; protective head-cover
*hennin: a high conical hat with a veil attached at the top, worn by women during the 15th century OR insulting term for the tall, horned head-dresses.
*hijab:   head-cover worn by Islamic women, often accompanied by the niqab (face veil)
*homburg:   men's felt hat with a soft lengthwise crease in the crown, and a narrow slightly rolled brim
*hood:   English - amess, French - amuce, amice
*horned headdress:   14th &15th century, cauls extended to great widths   horned effect
*houppelande hennin:  
*houve:   a medieval cap or hood
*huke:   16th ,17th century, hooded mantle covering the head and body, moorish design, later used my Arabs, Moors, and Mohammodens.
*huer:   a medieval cap
*hurers:    wool caps, felted and shaggy
*Huve:   tapered cornet projecting from each side of the head and being held in place with long pins. This type of women's headdress was popular in the early fifteen hundreds.


*Ivy cap:   English driving cap


*jester cap:   a bell trimmed peaked hood deriving from hat worn my medieval jester "Cap and Bells"
*jinnah cap:   traditional cap of Pakistan, a karakul tarboosh, named for founder of Pakistan
*jockey cap:   cloth cap, close-fitting 6-panel crown and wide brim at the front
*Juliet:   a small, brimless, round cap of wide mesh, usually decorated with jewels. Renaissance.


*kaffiyeh, keffiyed:   Arabian and Bedouin, scarf headdress held in place with agal
*Kakofnitch:   Russian women's headdress in the form of a tiara or diadem.
*kalpak:  a triangular Turkish or Tartar felt cap
*kamelaukion:   ancient tall cone shaped felt or fur cap formerly worn by mohammeden sects
*Kate Greenway cap:   illustrated in Kate Greenway books of 1st empire children,  similar to mob caps
*kepi: typical cap of the French Foreign Legion, flat topped oval crown with a brim in the front, German , Algerian
*Kepresh:   war head-dress of the Pharaoh.
*khatmi, Indian:  
*khevenhuller:   popular man's hat mid 18th century, deep front fronted turned up of the brim with small pinch, peaks at the sides, small turned up at back

skull-cap worn by Jewish men, also known as a yarmulke
*klaft:   ancient Egyptian striped hood
*Klaft: the head-dress shown on the sphinx. Striped cloth on which a sparrow hawk was woven, fits over the temples and falls over ears.
*Korean hat: traditional men's tall black hat with medium wide brim tied under the chin
*krizia:   lacquered woven straw hat, round crown, rolled brim
*kufie: Islamic prayer cap
*kulah:   Persian, Ancient Oriental, pointed skullcap. high cylindrical cap of felt
*Kyne:   Greek soldier's leather helmet
*kyrbasia:   ancient Persia cap of felt round with flaps to fasten under chin


*leghorn:   Laverne, Italy... finely plaited straw hat
*liberty cap:   Phrygian cap
*liripipe:   evolved from conical hood with face hole, 12th century.   peak  later wrapped around head to form turbaned chaperone


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