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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*tagal:   hat made of hemp
*taj:   a brimless tall cone shaped cap of distinction, Persian/Arabic
*tam-o'-shanter: beret with close-fitting headband, usually trimmed with a pompon; tammy
*tanagra: straw hat with tall conical crown from B.C. Greece seen on statues
*tarboosh:   conical flat top felt cap with tassel top center worn by Islamic men
*tashashit:   see chechia
*telescope hat:   U.S. hat with circular fold around the inside of the crown with straight sides
*Templars, Templettes,   15th century, extension of the coronet to cover the peaks of hair
*ten-gallon hat:   cowboy hat
*Thanet:   bowler with low crown made in London for the Earl of Thanet, mid 19th century
*therese:   16th century large hood of gauze over wire/whale bone. a loose head-dress which was worn like a hood that covered the tall bonnets of the late seventeen hundreds.
*tholia:   women's straw hat of Ancient Greece, wide and flat with a peaked crown: high, pointed hat with a brim worn by women of ancient Greece.
*thrummed hat:   hat made of very coarse wool
*tiara:   Greek ... crown. crown like headdress of jewels,
*Tiffany:   a mushroom hat
*tip:   19th century term for cordies with applied cod-wool or camel hair nap on the crown, or small turned-up brim
*toongabbie:   (1960) a washable toweling hat made of cotton terry cloth
*top hat:   worn for formal occasions, tall cylindrical crown various heights
*topi:   Hindu, hat worn India and tropical countries as protection from sun
*toque:  French term for chef's hat.. also small hat for women, nearly brimless
*toreador hat:   bicorne shape set crosswise on the head
*tower hat:   high headdress  from the 17th/18th century
*tricorne: men's hat of the 18th century, with wide brims folded up to form three points
*Trilby: soft felt hat, usually rabbit, dented crown and flexible brim.
*truncated tiara:   Ancient Babylonian/Assyrian hat wool hat with short lappets
*Tudor beret:   seen in 1539 painting of Henry VIII portrait by Holbeing.   Velvet
*tuque:   a Canadian cap made by tucking in one tapered end of a long cylindrical bag, closes at both ends
*turban:   typical head-dress for Muslim and Sikh men, long scarf around the head;
*tutulus:   Etruscan 700-800 BC Braided hairstyle of women evolved into conical shaped cap worn by peasants and soldiers




*vagabond:   casual hat
*veil:   cloth, transparent, netting covering the head and/or the face, for women's head-dress.
*Vitta:   a headband worn by Roman women to denote their status as free-born citizens.
*volendam: Dutch cap
*vulture headdress: ancient Egyptian


*watteau: 18th century, small cap shown in paintings of Painter Watteau.
*watch cap:   knitted navy blue cap worn by sailors.
*wedding ring:   1979 Frank Olivers round crown, rolled brim hat, shiny straw
*weeper's hat   heavy hatband of black worn at funeral's 19th and 20th centuries
*wide-awake:   felt hat, 1840, large brim and low crown
*widow's peak:   a close-fitting cap with a point extending down at the center of a   the forehead
*witch hat:   steeple hennin
*wimple: head covering worn by nuns, linen or silk, arranged in folds
*wizard's hat:





*yarmulke:   skull-cap worn by Jewish men; also known as kippah
*yachting hat:   loosely base on naval uniform made with flat top and peak in navy blue and white, with badge of the front


*zoave cap: chechia
*zucchetto:   skull-cap worn by Roman Catholic clergy


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