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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*macaroni:   small tricorne adopted by fashion extremists of the Macaroni Club of London in 1760, who were Italian travelers.
* mackinaw:   U.S. man's straw hat, coarse brim
*mahrharmah:   Turkish woman's hood covers face
*Mandarin hat:   popular black silk hat with deep turned up brim, pointed crown with button on top, worn by Chinese nobles of Manchu dynasty
*mandel:   a turban woven with silk and gold
*mantilla: 18th century France, lace head scarf, 19th century Spanish and Mexican headdress of lace with high comb
*mantel:   up to the 12th century, Catholic woman's head covering
*marquise hat:   18th century ladies hat
*matador, bullfighter hat:  shape of bull's head, short stubby horns,
*merry widow hat:   1907 century, fashioned for operetta "Merry Widow by Franz Lehar.  Large hat with wide brim
*milkmaid hat:   18th century country fashion garden hat low crown wide brim tied with ribbon under chin.
*mitreboard:  head-cover worn by bishops, characterized by two peaks
*mob cap:   18th century, indoors and outdoors, lace cap with large ribbon bow
*Monmouth:   made in Monmouth England, knitted woolen cap with turned up band, type of stocking cap
*Montego:   palm hat from Montego Bay, Jamaica
*montero:   15th -17th century, round crowned cap with divided flap that could be turned up or worn down, form of cap still worn by huntsmen and farmers
*Montgomery beret: type of British beret worn by Sir Montgomery in W.W.II
*morian cabaset: 16th century, kettle hat, used in infantry, skull with broad brim, flat, turned down at sides.
*mortarboard: flat, square, worn by professors and students for solemn academic occasions
*mourning bonnet:   black bonnet worn by widows during the 19th century
*muffin cap: similar shape of a flat bun, popular children's hat
*Muller cut down:   flat crowned bowler worn after the murderer named Muller had worn one.
*mushroom hat:   a hat with a mushroom-like, downward curved brim, known as a Tiffany in Italy from the hat worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."


*nap:   19th century term for corides with applied cod-wool or camel hair nap on the crown,
*newsboy worn by newsboys, large, soft, 8 paneled fabric cap with visor
*night cap:   men's cap worn informally indoors from the 16th to the 19th century.
*niqab: face veil worn by Islamic women, together with the hijab
*Nithsdale:   raveling cloak with hood 1716. Lady Nithsdale disguised her Jacobite husband and help him escape from the Tower of London
*Nirvernois:   small cocked hat 1780 named after the Duke of Nevenois
*Noric Slovenia Hard:  
*Nun's coif:  


*Olicula:   hooded cape worn by Roman women
*opera hat: collapsible top hat with an internal spring, so that it could be flattened and carried under the arm.
*optimo:   panama hat with full crown with ridge extending from front to back
*overseas cap:   olive drab cloth cap worn by soldiers in both world wars then picked up again in 1979 and 1981


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